This subreddit collects images, gifs and videos of girls that are so wet / aroused that they've soaked their underwear and left a "wet spot".

I get so wet, I used to be so embarrassed by it
Constantly wet!
Can you still see my wet spot even though I’m wearing black panties?
Haven’t been This wet in a while..
Amazing Hot Body 🥵 ( Her Leeked Content 👇👇 )
I can never wear anything without it getting wet !
So desperate to cum, I couldn’t even get undressed!
made a mess just playing with my nipples
Sometimes I can’t even get my clothes off before I NEED to squirt.
standing over your face 🙂 ( her free album in comment )
Just thinking about you got me so wet and juicy 🤤 cum have a taste
Just wanted to show you what happens when I stay a couple days without playing
I absolutely soaked these red panties in my virgin Japanese pussy juice after playing with my tiny clit...wanna taste?
All Wet💥💦
Did you guys miss me? Here's a fresh time lapse made while watching mine and Daddy's most recent videos
I was told not to wear any panties