A body positive community to celebrate cellulite in all its beauty. For those who take delight in deliciously dimpled asses and other parts. Submissions welcome!

My first post here, I’m so excited to find this place! Is my cellulite too much?
Wait till I spread
I like to wiggle this ass and these legs
Cowgirl is my fav
Reverse Cowgirl 😜
I love it when my pussy shows when I twerk 😈
Would you rest your face between my cheeks?
What's underneath my dress?
Serving booty wanna have some?
tryna love my wide asf ass more
I’ve got so much cake! Could you handle it?
My cellulite really comes out to play when I wiggle
Wanna see my new panties?
A little cellulite in slow motion is perfection
It’s a struggle getting these scrubs on every morning
natural booty