This subreddit was created for the men and women who enjoy the voluptuous aesthetics of a vagina that has been vacuum-pumped.

Taking off the pump and showing how wet I get
[ftm] pumped and edged yesterday, love how swollen i can get!
extra gooey today
Making my pussy creamy and big πŸ€€πŸ’¦
Look at that labia stretch to it’s max! I love pumping her up.  MILF
It feels so good! What do you want to do to it?!
Need someone to lick it when iam done pumping πŸ‘…
Forcing my pumped pussy down the shaft of a monster!
jiggly pussy [ftm]
Fuck It, Pump Off!
she swole 😈
preview of a little pov video i filmed πŸ’— smacking your face with my pussy [ftm]
All swollen!  [24]
Just a  24 playing with my pussy pump! Who want to help?
Enjoy the view 😈
First Time tryed pump of my man