What a choice!

Sir designed a toy to help me learn how to deepthroat! Every time I deepthroat and touch a pedal with my chin a vibrator attached to my clit gets stronger and stronger. And everytime the dildo leaves my mouth the vibrator shuts off! Isn't he a genius?!
Remy tied and vibed
Daddy giving me a harsh but very much needed lesson for my throat and anners. An anal hook is threaded through my collar and tied to my arms so I have to maintain perfect subslut posture if I don't want to choke myself or pull on my asshole
At least she is getting some reading in
She must suck the dildo or else.
She can either rest her hands and legs or go easy on the ropes
Sound on for all that spit hitting the floor
Endurance test, her purple breasts attached to the cross keeps her from lowering herself (Toaxxx - Nova)
An interesting predicament. Pushing turns on the electricity, but cuts off her breath
Stress position
Share their predicament
Amy Brooke anal hooked [GIF]
Tina Kay impaled and displayed
The Fashionistas
If she wants an orgasm, she's going to have to work for it. (Sound in comments)
Bound doggy style with an ass hook and fucked with a machine.