If /r/shestillsucking was a serious NSFW subreddit, this is what you'd find. A subreddit dedicated to videos, images and the discussion of post orgasm torture and post orgasm play.

OC, My fans love this one, One man bound with ropes and his legs pulled up , making his cock and balls vulnerable to My evil POT skilled hands, [@12:08]
Sunrise Adams gets every last drop
Retro Lilu2 [@00:00]
He's still free to use me even after using me!
Indian Milf gets every last drop @0:00
Cumming into my mouth by HaydaJayda
One hell of a view while she finishes him off [@00:10]
London Keyes going off!! [@00:00]
Nervously jacking him off after he cums [@00:00]
Body shaking POT [@00:00]
She really surprised me with this one. It felt incredible [This girl KNOWS how to suck cock! -ed] [@00:05]
He could barely take a little post orgasm torture. I will make him go longer next time. 😂😁
Don't Be Too Easy To Cum ...
In for seconds, thirds and forths @0:05
Wish I could post longer gifs... she goes for 5 minutes [@00:00]
[@0:01] PPPD-773 Julia