This is a subreddit for pictures, gifs and / or videos of fun sized girls. We're looking for girls that are the definition of "shorty". Tiny. Petite. Portable. Compact. Small. Fun Sized.

here's what the boys at the gym don't get to see
I’m a petite cute slut 💕🥺
who can i send the full vid to ? 😋
Face down ass up, is that the way you like to fuck?
Does yours fit in here?
i was raised to please guys with good dick :)
I hope my small body please you enough 🤭
Would you fit? 🙈
My body is so tiny i'm always left defensless in bed
wanna cuddle? 🥰
i’m little & love to be full of cum 😋
Do you like seeing my little pussy under my gym shorts? 🙈💕
I need sum good dick 🥵🖤
I haven't been fucked in forever. Who can help me out?
If even just one guy likes my tiny tits I’ll be the happiest Italian little girl
Oh I'm so much fun