For pictures and videos of forced orgasms, male or female.

Sarah Blake hangs soaking wet from a web of chains and is forced to cum with a dildo on a stick
Strapped down and stuffed full, her favorite position to be in
Molo suspended from her dance pole and forced to cum while spinning! Audio and Photos in comments.
More fun with u/hotwifenichole and the table
Bound doggy style with an ass hook and fucked with a machine.
Forced to cum over and over in a Vacbed.
Tied Up Girl Has An Orgasm
Happy ending (?)
Tied Up Skinny Girl Made To Cum Over And Over part 2
Everything taken from her, except her vibrator and desperation to hump anything she can
What is it with cute and innocent-looking girls having the most depraved fantasies?
Forced orgasms, bondage, spanking, AND fear play? Baby, we got a stew going.
Enjoy this reversed forced orgasm 😂
Chained & Fucked
She's not going to last long like that
The start to a fun night with u/hps26