A small shrine to the beautiful model Erica Campbell. So come on in and join us!

Near the Beginning Pt.2 -- '' A challenge accepted '' (sound)
Erica, breathtakingly beautiful ... nude ... and in the mood
ERC - #1 pleasure unit (sound) Re-post request (click here to watch)
'Green Dress' photo shoot perfection (sound)
More of the rare video -- source search in progress (click on title if you do not want to watch it on host site)
She is simply ... breathtaking (sound - click here to watch here)
Happy Easter! Nude with sunglasses
Ever so gently ... Erica gives Earl the finger (orig. dialogue)
This must be what heaven is like (click here to watch)
A new year begins ... here is a moment near the very beginning of Erica's legendary career. (original sound)
Early ERC webcam show
Although naturally shy, Miss Campbell, does have a wild side (sound)
PinupFiles classic water bottle shoot
Erica with Aria and the " titty 69 " (sound)
Playing 'Tie me up' at home, on the couch