/r/dyke is a place to find smut oriented at queer women. It's sex-positive, trans-inclusive, kink-positive and strongly against body-shaming. It's not mainstream girl-on-girl, the smoochy pictures you'll find on tumblr, and **definitely** not safe for work.

play some grunge in the background while u watch this
Playing with my Pakistani tits
Ruby <3's Violet
nice to find a sub that appreciates actual lesbians, do yall like OC?
Unicorns & Dildos
she let me top her πŸ˜‹πŸ€€
I think she's into it.
Best seat in the house
Uh oh!
Tattooed lesbian brings to a jet orgasm my girlfriend
Warm bath
Hard Dildo Fucking
Domino & Leah- Secluded Cabin in the Woods
Russian lesbians on the couch fucked each other with tongues
Trading places.
Toe curling orgasm.