NSFW or SFW (I guess, if the NSFW parts are implied or impending) tentacle love. Erotica, porn, hentai, etc.

"Quad penetration" ft. Widowmaker & Tentacles, + 3 camera angles.[Overwatch](MeltRib)
Captured by summoned tentacles to do oviposition after
Spread your legs, get filled with tentacles, lay few nice eggs, repeat. (female)
I just want to be a tentacle girl 💕 (female) [this is not a commentary post about what is appropriate for this site thanks]
They arrived
Kaisa Nord it's Mr. Alien's new lover
This is the very moment when the witch messed up the ingredients. The tentacles got out of the vat and began to fuck her. Play the game to see the whole scene (Game: Knightly Passions) [FEYADA]
The Last Barbarian game - the special bath salt scene WIP 0.8.1 (female)
Demi gets fucked by tentacles (female) (KaminaKirei) [Subverse]
The dedication [female]
[female] IRL Japanese tentacle porn
I feel in love again HENTAIED (female)
Did you wonder how does it feels? (Female)
Very nice predicament
Tentacles are a schoolgirl's best friend ;) (female)
(female) I love my new tentacle tongue