NSFW or SFW (I guess, if the NSFW parts are implied or impending) tentacle love. Erotica, porn, hentai, etc.

[female] IRL Japanese tentacle porn
I feel in love again HENTAIED (female)
Did you wonder how does it feels? (Female)
Very nice predicament
Tentacles are a schoolgirl's best friend ;) (female)
(female) I love my new tentacle tongue
(FEMALE) I'm all for you
Books might be so dangerous. Summon your tentacles responsibly.
[Divine Arms] Siggy getting it on with a vine monster. (Caschlecook)
Tentacle Time [Divine Arms] (Female)
Tentacles with consent, or even enthusiasm (female)
Stain me (female)
(female) Study Break
Thought I might contribute as well here, if that's ok (female)
The blonde meets the tentacles of the monster in the bio laboratory. (Lascivious Gnome)
Untamed Tentacle Scene Porn GIF by Palace Tentacle | RedGIFs - female