This is a subreddit for videos or gifs of cocks that are pulsing/contracting their muscles while they unload their cum. The focus has to be on the pulsing of the cock. It doesn't matter if it's shooting cum inside someone or in the air/underwater, as long as you can see the muscles working at the base of the cock.

Finishing myself off with my hand and shooting a load on my chest
Pressure Fueling
I love it when his cock Pulsates strongly and Cum in mouth
BBC busts a big load inside her pussy
A quick morning release 😌
it pulsates and I swallow
Doesn't miss a drop
Suck the pump! (IvySkye)
She sucked my soul, my life, my future, my everything, this is the best DEEPTHROAT on the planet
Close-up and pulsating cum in mouth
CIM Split
Perfect Double Cock Edging
I hope you can see why my vibrating cockring is my favourite toy
Plentiful pulsing
Cutie Mary Sucks His Cock Again
Watch me get cum pumped into my mouth for me to play with 💕😋