Sissy captions for submissive feminine sluts. SISSY CAPTIONS ONLY

Degraded sissy whore!
The struggle
Want to be trained by a real bull?
Smile, Sissy slut
Now you know that you have a bitch limp-clit ... Not a dick πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰
They did say that you would learn to enjoy your new life <3
Sissy whores crave deepthroat bulges!
Arch that back and give daddy your hole πŸ‘…
Let overweight abusive men in their 50-60's abuse you, sissy bitch!
Sissy reward
I dream of the day
Daddy's little sissy
You can't blame anyone else for what you've become, sissy... Nobody forced you to ride that dildo every night for a whole year. You couldn't expect to stay masculine after that; the shrunken clitty and bubble butt were inevitable.
Stop struggling, gasping for air. All you need is his cock down your whore throat, sissy!
Holy Fuck! #SissyDreamFuck