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It's so weird! Back before I had tiddies I used to do shoots while wearing sooooooo much clothing! Like how are you supposed to jerk off to me if you can't see my tits or my pussy?! 💁‍♀️ I was so silly back then! 😋
I just noticed that the bigger my tiddies get, the smaller I like my bikinis... 🥰
No hiding how much of a bimbo I am now.. 😌💕💦
I know I would have disapproved of a message like this before... but like, now I can't wait to make my fat whore melons even bigger for him to blow his load to! ✊🍆💦💦💦🏀🏀🥰
Did you know I used to have a pretty successful YouTube channel? I was even rep'd by a company! But having to create smart content every week totally burned me out. So now I just suck Daddy's dick and shake my over stuffed tiddies on camera for money! 🥰 [Link to sound in the comments!]
Full time YouTuber to full time cock dumb bimbo..
What spending a couple years reviewing juicy cock pics every day will do to a girl... 😌💕💦💕💦
Another one bimbofied
Before and after I got plastic tiddies that constantly distract me! 🙄
My old principal is my new bimbo cumdump, Part 2
My old principal is my new bimbo cumdump, Part 3
Hope this takes over as a trend on Tiktok
Huh? What do ya mean, I've changed? 😮
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Tits n Hips
From YouTube to OnlyFans! 🥰