For NSFW gifs/gfycats using "messaging app meme" format

Naive young Sia thinks she might be in love (Part 1 o
Turns out Sia's stepdad is taking advantage of her in more ways than one (Part 3 o
Sia needs to do whatever it takes to keep a secret (Part 2 o
Vina is an excellent yoga instructor
Boss' daughter Luna helps disgruntled employee work thru anger issues
Serena is the best gift a guy could ask for
Gina needs extensive tutoring every day if she's going to pass senior year
Lola gives her brother-in-law a sneak peek of her "home business"
Ballerinas Adria, Hope, and Piper make the best of it when practice is cancelled (Part 3 o
Riley needs to practice her oral presentation
Anya gets a big load of help from her husband's brother
Melanie's fiancΓ© gets the bachelor party of a lifetime (Part 1 o
Jane is in for a very long and punishing cheerleading season
Cheerleader Gia gets her first job with her boyfriend's dad
Rebecca shows the foreign investors a good time
[HardCutToSex] Cadey get more tutoring help, this time from Mr. Thomas