For NSFW gifs/gfycats using "messaging app meme" format

Piper's Body Must Be A Tardis
Megan's stepdad takes a very hands-on approach to discipline
The Princess Affair 2: Back To School
Darcie gets blackmailed to keep a secret
Sia's principal wonders why she's missing so much school (Part 4 o
Malina can't get out of her daily tutoring session
Tiffany gets a very special 18th birthday present from stepdad & his friends
Daughter's friend Elsa wants to be early for the slumber party
Lola gives her brother-in-law a sneak peek of her "home business"
Hope joins Piper's troublemaking (Part 2 o
Mazzy nails the job interview
Veronica always welcomes her son-in-law with open legs
Vienna's hospitality to her husband's friends is unmatched
Kiley gets used to secure a returning customer
Liz is really enjoying the hard work her college professors are giving her
Piper wants to cause trouble for her stepdad (Part 1 o