A subreddit for lovers of sexy women in boots. The definition of a boot can be rather loose, but use your reason to decide what is a boot and what is not. It can be groin-high latex boots on stiletto heels, it can be bovver boots, or it can be Uggs. Fetish models as well as amateur girl next door photos will be accepted. GoneWild posts are also allowed and encouraged.

Do I have to wear pink to be a bimbo?
Lacing Up
Boots made for stomping, for showing off, for worshiping. For what else? :)
Sexy in Latex
Marta Mielczarska
Pleasers are my favorite πŸ–€
Over my knee πŸ‘πŸ‘‹  33
I’m obsessed with how this amazing new suit makes my butt look! It’s neck entry and was a lot easier to get into than I expected!
I'm over t tall in these boots❀️
My first pair of Pleaser boots, what do you think? :)
Boots & Booty
Who loves thigh high boots?😈
Walking on my shiny red boots wearing Thigh Highs. [gif with sound]
As requested here you can see the use of the laces on my red shiny boots.
Found this old boots at work. Should i keep them?