Open wide! This is the home for straight mouth clamp and ring-gag bondage oral. Post your favorite links to images and videos of girls with ring-gags and mouth clamps who are throating a cock, taking an open mouth cumshot, or are otherwise just hot with their mouth held open.

Hands tied behind my back, ass hooked, blinding lenses, open mouth gag, I am the definition of a free use fuck doll.
(Sound on, headphones advised) Hands and feet tied, mouth gagged open, tongue clamped, mind: in another dimension
My daddy made a little set for my deepthroat training: a ring gag and a new toy to track my progress, each day he gives me a number that I need to hit to please him.
Tied and used on a Sybian ❤️
It's so easy to push past my throat barrier when I have this gag on
Waiting for master to use me..
Mouth stretched wide open for a rough face fuck
Making a mess
Skylar Snow punished hard
Dental gag
Maggie Mead in Hardtied
Electricity scares her and she can't scream
How to secure a ball gag...
Cumming in her ring gagged mouth
Complete domination