Most women don't strip naked and spread eagle facing a camera when they feel that urge... it's in bed in the morning or watching tv on the couch, reading a book or relaxing in the bath. This sub rejects the "pornstar" jill off, eschewing the manufactured moans and made up barbies for good old natural self-satisfaction.

I got cramp, i carried on xx
Found this on twitter
Next time you could spoon me instead and by spoon I mean fuck me from behind
...and a very good morning to you too!
Thinking about you guys and girls watching me, sends me crazy. There is only one thing to do.
Lockdown can make one feel isolated.
Caught in a parking structure.
Perfect boobs
My dinosaur sheets never saw it cumming.
Sometimes good girls fantasize about something bad๐Ÿ™Š
Using my favourite toy (so far)
Not to brag, but I think I sound good on this video
Another unlikely outfit.
The laundry never did get folded.