A place to share advice, questions, photos ,and videos of genital pumping. All genders welcome!

I love how sensitive pumping makes me!
3rd day pumping in a row, so addicting
Mmm the weight. šŸ„° Iā€™d love to use this bad boy on someone.
took about an hour to get this kind of jiggle
Playing around with a fresh pump
One more for this sub because i love you all.
tugging that pump makes me drip
This literally never gets old!!! šŸ¤¤ After 1.5 hours of pumping in a 10"x4"x6.5" two-stage cylinder
[ftm/trans m] feels amazing!
feels nice and heavy
Love getting sucked in soft. 0-100 real quick.
Do I have to continue ?
After my sesh
After a couple hours in the bullmaster
More of my junk in motion, first big pump o
Watch me grow