This is a sub for the small featured, slender, petite girls of reddit to share themselves for fun and karma.

Love this foreshortening
I may have gotten too excited πŸ˜… Ow....
Dancing for you 😈
Wanna date with me?
There was so many people around I got super nervous trying to film this omg
will you help me take this dress off?🧸
Am I petite enough to throw around your bed?
I'm a good girl
Oh hey there, feeling flirty
Hey there cutie πŸ¦‹
Tell me i’m a good girl
Do you like my kitty lingerie set?
I hope you can do something with me 😏
Would you jerk off to my nudes if I sent you some?
Would you fuck a 19 year old? I’m feeling horny this afternoon.. πŸ’—
Untamed wildlife ✨