This sub is meant for people who adore the oviposition fetish. Egg laying and the like, whether it be hentai, furry, or real-life. user flair by /user/TheDarkOneHungers

Getting eggs up my ass
tM. Pushing three eggs. (I needed to use my hand to help because I felt them a bit stuck)
Unbelievable !!(Kyonyuu Princess Saimin)
Squat birth
Oops! Reuploaded to cut out the blank end and showed off an EXTRA egg and MORE drippage! I fit over 12 of them inside my pussy alone ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ˜ˆ[NB]
Breed me, brood me~
Sharing an exciting and awkward first time
3 eggs fills me up but I want more ๐Ÿฅต I want to be a slutty little incubator
pinned and stuffed (Vivetis)
I got bred today again
Shall we lay alien eggs next time?
[T] Filling a belly for of eggs
I wanted to show you all just HOW big some of my eggs are (in a fun way) & would love to hear which one is your fav! [nb]
There is a reason why it's called oviposition
Dva - Breeding Material
Finally got some eggs, only wish Iโ€™d bought bigger ones! (nb)