NSFW pictures of male humanoid monsters and the beautiful women they mate with. A subreddit for Orcs, Minotaurs, Werewolves, Lizardmen, Trolls, Ogres, and all other MonsterMen.

Sarah vs Prowler 2 [26regionsfm]
Sombra x Monster (Beowul, Audio by Evilaudio) [Overwatch]
Miranda take Wrex (IckyStickyAnimations) [masseffect]
Ada x Mr. X (Bleur, Evilaudio) [Resident Evil]
A Romantic Fuck Under The Moonlight (Lustful Luna)
Between a rock and a hard place (avstral) [Dark Souls]
[Divine Arms] Siggy wants a creampie from her pet blood hunter. (Caschlecook)
Lizardman and Sandy (Alexandraus) (Herald)
Jaina x Orc (Ambrosine, Lerico213) [World of Warcraft]
Ada, Claire and Mr. X (Honta) [Resident Evil]
What a creampie (StudioFOW)
Alori getting pounded (noname55) [World of Warcraft]
Minerva And The Werewolf (Full video in the comments!)
Christie (JacobKaufmannSFM) [Dead or Alive]
Kasumi X Walrider (PMMSFM) [Dead Or Alive]
Rough ride against the wall