A place for men to explore the pleasure of playing with toys.

Warming up with my largest plug
Omg this hands free orgasm was so worth the carpet burns πŸ₯΅πŸ’¦
A little more than a fist
His cock locked but so hard in that small chastity 😏 I love to teasing his balls full of cum before I fuck his ass 😍
I masturbate with a butt plug in my ass
(Male) A Quick in out with Rex (small)
Feeling so close to cumming but still can’t
Fucking my fleshlight in the bath
This toy's amazing
I love riding my unicorn! (large Mystic)
Big toy, little gape, starting to really drip and get wet
My caged boy rides a huge bbc...what a good stretched out whore he's become!
I think I’ve astered the M-Unflared Chance...who should I get next?
Riding my big black titan like a good cowgirl sissy
My sub's hole is really swallowing this cock...I think he's ready for the real thing!
When mom and the kids are away dad will play.