Maledom Empire is an erotic roleplaying subreddit in the setting of the Empire - a land where women are owned, used and punished by men. BDSM fetishes from light bondage to slavery, sadism and brainwashing can all be found here, and anyone is welcome to come and roleplay.

Sometimes, even ordinary citizens are lucky enough to capture feminists for themselves
The first day sets the tone. Civilisation LLP recommends making sure the early impressions you leave on your cunt are positive ones.
A screaming orgasm so intense you can hear it even watching with the sound muted
Re-Educating Salize: Intensive Interventions. To get a cunt like Nikita ready to take the next step sometimes a program of intense study has to be enacted.
Proving a point: this is what happens when you provoke the Empire.
Educating Salize Episode 7: Civilisation LLP's look at the changing society of Salize under the Natural Order. In this episode watch how a cunt professor who is not helping her students progress is subjected to a performance review by her faculty.
The Final Touches: Civilisation LLP presents the conclusion to our case-study in cunt training.
Showing You What They Want: Civilisation LLP would like to remind people that cunts do communicate but sometimes in indirect ways. An act of disobedience or incompetence could be a cry for help because she misses you making use of her.
Tales from The Jester Club: A Bad Cunt-stomer. Some cunts have a real bad attitude but staff trained by Civilisation LLP can fuck it right out of them.
Guess what the cunt did to earn this punishment
Sharing is Caring: One of Civilisation LLP's Golden Rules for being a responsible cunt owner when dealing with your fellow men.
The "free" woman problem and how a snatch-and-fuck solves it...
Retraining the FRA: Utterly Degraded Cunt
Observing the Network: while aiding the DFA in tracking down one of the runaway former "free" women, Civilisation LLP became aware of secret communications between "free" women and cunts. We keep investigating this "Free Women Network" and as concerned citizens you should too.
Successfully broken feminist
Remember to take the time to enjoy the Natural Order in the natural world.