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i was hypnotized to orgasm
Louisa Lu goes for a spin  [Patreon Supported]
Whats more hypnotic my tits or my magical orb 💫💫
TFW you're trying to take out your ball gag and finish your stream, but your viewers don't want let you go... Holy fuck, I felt so helplessly drooly and toyed with!
You can't help but stare
Michelle hypnotized while thinking she's a chicken
Request: Make her tease her nipples!
When my like tits are out... I go like...sooo dumb for Master ;)
Ariel Anderssen 5 (GfyCat Mini Preview)
Failing to keep her brain from melting away.
Brainwashed to betray her friend by making her a hypnotized slave teaser.
Helpless entranced orgasms and bound struggling
Watch the Pendant KD (Gif)
New girlfriend introduces her to Hypnomusic
Honour's SEXDOLL trigger & inability to dress.
Nicky 4 [GfyCat Mini Preview]