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She came on her knees begging me to stop. So you’re good for a week
When your girlfriend sends this to her boss...
I am a slut !
Hubby was wondering why I wasn’t answering my phone. So I handed it over to these guys
Somethings just need to be shared!
It's not cheating my wife is not making love with him they are just doing fun activity to relieve stress ? What do you think ? 🤔
She’ll always be there for your best friend
She can’t say no to BBC
"Can I just get one more load of cum to go? My husband just loves when I bring home leftovers from an evening out"
You've got to love watching...
Always make friends with mexican guys. It’s easy to use their girlfriends
It was just a mistake!!
One of the best decisions of my life ...
It’s kind of your fault
“Sorry baby, I know I promised…”
I captioned u/nsfwwatchers sexy wife and lets just say she did very well ;)