The home of high quality Femdom Tired of finding great femdom only for it to be ruined by the guy looking like a bloated corpse pulled out of the sewer or you just preferring to see the guy tied up alone? well this is the subreddit for you. The people in the pictures have to be Hot or Not in the picture This subreddit it for hot doms and hot subs or just one of them.

Good girl gets into position.
Get over here!
Let that gag do it’s work, sissy girl, I want to see you drool 💦
YOUR FACE BELONGS TO ME.... It will be used as a stool , chair or sofa to bring me comfort, Pleasure & furniture
Bury yourself in my pussy, little bitch, it is your life’s purpose.
Good girl, now don’t cum.
Let me peg you
Good sissies get the crop 💥
Serving us is the only thing he needs to think about
What would you give up to trade place with my slave?
No more jerking, that’s for boys.
Her clitty doesn't even get fully hard anymore, even when she is about to cum.
Slut Maelee gets her first cock sucking lesson from Mistress
This is what you wanted? To be finger fucked like a girl?
Tell me, how jealous are you? 😈
Mistress’s birthday is coming up, and for my birthday I want more beta bitches locked in cages