A sub dedicated to girls who *know* that bigger is better and just can't help themselves! When we say big, we mean **big - like width of someone's wrist big**! (obvious exception for stuff like pee-hole play :p) Pictures, videos, stories about girls who simply can't stop pushing at the edges of their own limits... it's all welcome here!

Cum Leaking Wrecked Hole
His cock is not enough
Sneaking in a stretch...
Ever see a girl wreck three holes at once down there? (Urethra, pussy & ass)
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4'11 vs. 9in of girth
Self Fisting Sunday!
My XL Kong is a bit of a challenge to push out but it gets a little easier each time
When your full body weight is just not enough
Who is this
Sauce captain?
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Open wide
Is it better when I ride it πŸ₯΅
I managed to fit 2 dildos inside my ass!!