For hentai involving characters that have no chance of escape.

Forced orgasms
Kutsujoku – Episode 2
Akali captured (Baronstrap) [LoL]
Marie Rose forced orgasm (zettle69)[Dead Or Alive]
Elf Forced orgasm (The Villain)
Lara's Capture Part 03 WIP11 (The Rope Dude) [Tomb Raider & Final Fantasy 7]
She can't cum due to micro-chip (from the game I'm making)
Very nice predicament
Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi – Episode 1
Pleasing two dicks in a gloryhole
Creampie forced (Eromancer)
Iana punished (jessicat) [Rainbow Six Siege]
Heading home from the market
Tifa in trouble (Ruria Raw)
Both ends