Just when you thought GW couldn't get any better! I present to you sexuality in motion! God bless all of you that post!

Do you know what type of guys I like? the guys that like me... ;)
Stop Being a Prude and Here I Am.
Too Horny, Desperate and Alone...
Am I an Attention Whore?
I'm fit to be Fucked..
Do you think you have to put the work? Nah... lets just have fun..
I am Naughtly, Desperate and in Need of a Man.
Will You Satisfy me?
When you want a promotion you have to use your assets.
No Matter How You Look, as Long as You Respect Me, My Ass Will Be Yours.
Do you Have a Boner When You See Me?
Are these tits nice to see?
Will I be your Slut?
Alone Because I Was Not "Adventurous Enough" What Do You Think?
Stop Playing Hard to Catch.. and That is What I did..
Would You Fuck Me?