If it's a thing and girls are humping on it, it belongs here. If you enjoy watching or doing it, you belong here. We celebrate humping masturbation by girls using objects that aren't traditional sex toys. We welcome pictures, videos, gifs and html5 vids of girls humping on things (but not people). You'll find pillow humping, couch grinding, washer riding, desk rubbing, stuffed animal humping, and more. We should all have more humping happiness in our lives.

Hard Pillow Humping
Alone Time with Teddy
Eza Foxx
Bear Time
Who wants to be in the bears shoes?
Humping her Pillow
This really gets me going
Love taking a hot bath, don’t you?
redhead humps her pillow
Grinding the door
Humping a towel in the shower
Bad Ted, Good Ted
Me and my pillow
Riding him hard