Girls brutally used for their pleasure giving and breeding abilities until they're rendered useless.

Rainbow Mika (FatCat17) [Street Fighter]
Elizabeth getting pounded (noname55) [BioShock Infinite]
Faye gets fucked (by ZONE)
Orc breeding stock [Viktor Black]
Ada in the jaws of the Demogorgon (HVL) [Resident Evil]
Claire vs. the Licker (ZMSFM) [Resident Evil]
Pure Onyx - Cinematic Mode Preview #2 (Eromancer)
Asagi and Orcs from Taimanin Asagi [Upscaled, Interpolated, and Color Corrected]
Wonder Woman humiliated by Joker's henchmen (Zuleyka Games) [Wonder Slave Trainer]
When you participate in ancient ritual, be sure that you are not an offering on the altar
Tormented by a slime
Yennefer getting pounded (HVL) [The Witcher]
Jill getting fucked (MagMallow) [Resident Evil]
Harley Quinn vs Wonder Woman [Wonder Slave Training]
Something tells me this isn't how she expected to end up... (Derpixon)
Captured warrior gets face fucked. Scene from Constraint Copulation [Upscaled and Interpolated]