After the whip, I use my claws. 😈
Baby I cum so hard with this big cock 😍 We both know this is so much better than your locked dick πŸ˜πŸ”[domme]
You found the hidden dildos in my room but you never would have guessed what I had hidden underneath my dress
I love making her pretty and fuck her hard 😈 Even if she’ll never be as sexy as I am πŸ˜‚
Your place is in a cage, in Mistress' basement. [domme]
Mrs Santa Strapon For Her Chastity Sissy Cucky Elf!
Your mouth will be used, Ass will be gaped , & pocket drained. Obey your ebony queen [domme]
Want to take a peek underneath?  [domme]
[domme] I put him doggy and pegging his ass sensual and deeply 😍
Oh you thought a slutty simp like you would have a normal night with a beautiful woman? You’re funny. Bend over. [domme]
Good morning from us β˜€οΈ
His cock locked but so hard in that small chastity 😏 I love to teasing his balls full of cum before I fuck his ass 😍
Dont be silly, nobody will see you suck it here. Just get down and open wide ~
Time for your medication. πŸ’Š this will have you feeling all better~
I want to test your gag reflex~
Don’t stop licking, sissy bitch. Losing concentration earns you a slap on the clitty.