The subreddit where eroticism and gaming mix. All posts are erotic in nature and somehow related to gaming. This can be actual folks getting their freak on while gaming, rule 34 cartoons of your favourite characters doing naughty things, or naughty NSFW cosplay.

Jay Taylor gaming
thats how gamer takes break
Sexy Sheriff Claire blowjob (HydraFXX) [Resident Evil]
I could stare at that for days...
Gaige pounded by a Psycho (ROCKSOLIDSNAKE)
Nyotengu - Nyom Nyom (Fluffy-Pokemon) [Dead or Alive]
The price of ailure is steep, but I open my mouth and take it like a good girl.
Zelda Fingered by Master/Crazy Hand
River Fox-High Scoring Pussy...
Trying to keep his concentration while playing DOTA 2
Labo Masturbato!
Marios Little Slut
Girls playing video games and being fucked by a friend
Cassie Cage (Pewposterous) [Mortal Kombat]
D.Va raises her APM
Live blowjob by K/DA Ahri (Shir0qq) [League of Legends]