This subreddit is for the Dancing Bear videos/pictures for all to see. I have been noticing a lot of attention from the variety of Dancing Bear videos/GIFs. So I feel we should get together and gather all the content and have it one place.

[GIF] Wild Bachelorette Deepthroat
Any info on scene or woman would be appreciated.
Party Cumshots II
Chick doesn't enjoy watching a facial
she wasn't planning to swallow but she's a good sport
Girls watching her suck and fuck through the glass door
Hot brunette taken backstage and the audience watches from afar
Chick shocked (but delighted!) watching a facial
The Chosen One
CFNM party facials are so hot
At a party
Danging bear girl sucks and fucks to an attentive audience
Girls watch from all angles while young brunette sucks him off
sexy cumshot from "the dancing bear makes those panties wet!"
she got mad