A place for the champions of porn: women who HATE cum, but still take it like a champ. You'll see no smiling faces here, just pretty girls wearing an equal part cum and disgust.

One of the most beautiful " Cum Hate" scene in Porn History 😌
Twelve seconds later...
Angelina recoils at the foul taste of a mouthful of cum
Aaaaaaand you can have that back now🀣🀣
They were not friends after this
Harley can't stand Peter North's massive load
Before and after
Instant regret
As long as it's not in my eye...
Tiny spinner grins as she drowns in cum πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
Miserable after a unwanted throatpie
All on the face
Good Girl
The aftermath of swallowing almost 100 loads from strangers - bukkake BTS
You were supposed to tell me before you did that
Wait For It . . . (At Least She Tried)