Photos and gifs and stuff of the infamous bikini model, Claire Gerhardstein (AKA Carrie). Content most likely originates from or, or from her Instagram. For similar gifs of others models from those sites, check out /r/TurnaroundModels!

Doing a push-up challenge in an IG Story (Claire Gerhardstein, 3/23/20)
Level Six Women's Sombrio Long Sleeve Neoprene Rashguard
Guard One Piece
Something to tide over until I finish the final part - some of her sexiest, most revealing outfits (Claire Gerhardstein)
Lucy Love Copacabana Pant
Lucy Love Golden Bloom Simone Romper
Booty-popping with her sister on TikTok (3/21/20, Claire Gerhardstein) [1MIC]
8168642 001
Highlight reel, Rompers / Skirts / Cover-Ups / Misc (Claire Gerhardstein, part 12 of a series)
Xcel Ocean Ramsey 1mm Reversible Cheeky Bikini Bottom
Highlight reel, pokies (Claire Gerhardstein, part 6 of a series)
Highlight reel, abs / stomach (Claire Gerhardstein, part 16 of a series)
Highlight reel, leggings / thinner pants (Claire Gerhardstein, part 9 of a series)
Highlight reel, spandex shorts (Claire Gerhardstein, part 13 of a series)
Mirabelle Yoga Sports Bra