Welcome to the EroSalon NSFW Network Subreddit dedicated to Amateur Self-Posted sexy and funny, content which occurs when things dont go exactly as planned, including bloopers and photobombs captured while taking NSFW Pics or Vids.

It turned out so trashy that it's funny again, don't you agree? 😂
After my photoshoot, I decided to film myself and this is what came out 😏 this dress was quite tight, can you take it off?
I just wanted to strip god damnit
Maybe I am not a pro in basketball, but I promise I am good in handling balls 😋 (outtakes)
Video from my last "Forbidden Fruit" photo shoot [BTS]
When you forget which way is up..
I don't even know how he got there
Boys will be boys
VAP (Vaccinated Ass Pussy) 🥳
It happened in the middle of a custom video... well...
This is the wildest video I’ve ever made 😂 #bloopers
Was told you guys would like this blooper
Someone suggested I stick my dildo to my phone.. did not turn out well
Auto-focus let me down, but I have a lot of fun playing with my strings of grool
This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we use tripods.
Another note to self: Check. the freaking. tag.