It's kinda obvious isn't it?

soma filled by multi-headed tentacle - slideshow (Vivetis)
The video that started me in all the way through
D.Va and Mercy & Tentacles (JustFry3D) [Overwatch]
Breeding Duty (Redvoidcgi)
All the Rey through
2B on the pole
IMPALED πŸ–€Jia Lissa
Way too deep in Valentina
Cruiser D.Va & Tentacles (JustFry3D) [Overwatch]
Just for a chuckle
My first attempt at SFM. Criticism and advice are welcome. Especially about animating the tentacle.
Ying & Lian - The Abyss (NightWeaver) [Paladins]
Mahou Shoujo Ai
Miss P. captured by tentacles (Luffy)
Rin and Saber fucked by tentacles GIF [Fate/Grand Order]
Hell Knight Ingrid