mind control

Getting Dumber (reupload, with sound)
Kitty Dronification RedGifs Teaser
To new adventures
You sometimes forget for a second, but you always obey when you need to.
Some Girls Drop Faster than Others
The more you look into his eyes, the deeper you fall into his hypnotic spell
Magic cock wipes your mind
Eden's First Trance: Hot Submissive Hypnotised by FemDom
Trigger Vending Machine : Blowjob Puppet
Do as the pasties say [flashing lights warning]
Put 3 brainwashed bimbos together, and mesmerizing things are made😵‍💫. Love shooting with them💖.(creators: u/Distribution-9649 …u/prettyspirals666 and myself).
A deal too good to be true...
Bambi’s task from Master.. edge and repeat... My name is Bambi, I am just an just am just an abusable set of holes, and I will strive to do better next time.. Yes Master🤪
I've been working on some Halloween themed Hypno Stuff with Lacey Royce
My hypno stream got kinkier after my break! Leather bondage gear and ouchy clover clamps on my poor nips! c;
Hypnotized and Bred